Christina Li Awarded NSF CAREER Grant

Event Date: January 8, 2021


CISTAR congratulates Christina Li, Assistant Professor – Inorganic Chemistry at Purdue University and CISTAR team member, as she was recently awarded an NSF CAREER grant, “Colloidal Ligand-Exchange Synthesis of Dilute Noble Metal Surfaces for Electrosynthesis of Hydrogen Peroxide” that will begin in March 2021. Li is studying catalysts to efficiently prepare hydrogen peroxide directly from air and water using electricity, According to the NSF announcement, with the support of the Chemical Catalysis program in the Division of Chemistry. This research has the potential to use hydrogen peroxide in processes for water purification and disinfection on a smaller scale, in infrastructure-poor areas. Additionally, she will be studying submonolayer core-shell nanoparticles for the electrosynthesis of hydrogen peroxide.

As part of the grant, Li will also develop a lab activity to educate and engage high school through graduate school students interested in electrochemistry and battery research in partnership with the AP Fridays program at Purdue University.           

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