Pre-College Education 

CISTAR pre-college engineering experiences will be aligned with the NGSS engineering standards and informed by current research on pre-college engineering education. Activities will include Research Experiences for Teachers, a Young Scholar Summer Research program for students, and Purdue ZipTrips virtual field trips.

CISTAR Young Scholars Program (Not Currently Accepting Applications) 

Engage in full-time research and educational activities at one of the five CISTAR partner universities. The Young Scholars program provides participants with the opportunity to learn cutting-edge energy research and career options in chemical engineering. Participants will also have access to lectures about ethics, communications, laboratory safety and other relevant topics. 


To be considered, you must first fill out an online application. Additionally, individuals must: 

• Be a high school student. Graduating seniors are eligible to apply.

• Attend all required lectures, seminars, focus groups, tours, class sessions and workshops.

• Commit to full program participation. You may not enroll in classes or hold other jobs during the day. Participants will not receive academic credit.

• Live locally or find your own housing and find transportation to one of the five CISTAR institutions: Northwestern University, Purdue University, University of New Mexico, University of Notre Dame, or University of Texas at Austin.


If interested, please contact Maeve Drummond, Assistant Director for Education at or 765.494.2254 for more information or questions.