Engineering Workforce Development

CISTAR's Engineering Workforce Development (EWD) goal is to create a technically excellent and inclusive community of hydrocarbon systems researchers, learners, and teachers through competency-based education, best-practice mentoring, and growth in key professional skills. CISTAR is designing an education program for its graduate and undergraduate students and creating programming for pre-college students and teachers to develop inclusive pathways to careers in STEM fields and intentionally prepare students to be leaders in the global energy economy.

EWD News

CISTAR K-12 Lesson Plan, Bridging the Renewable Energy Gap: Alkane Resources on TeachEngineering

CISTAR's Research Experience for Teacher's 2021 cohort at the University of Notre Dame created the lesson plan, "Bridging the Renewable Energy Gap: Alkane Resources" that has been published on TeachEngineering!

Careers in Chemical Engineering: Beverly Mentzer

Beverly Mentzer, Chemical Engineering Industrial Career Counselor at Purdue University, shares insights from her 33-year career with ExxonMobil.

Featured CISTAR Undergraduate Fellow

Jeanette Hill, an undergrad chemical engineering student at Purdue University, talks about her interest in ChE, experience with CISTAR, and her career path.

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Maeve Drummond Oakes portrait Maeve Drummond Oakes
Engineering Workforce Development Director
Michael Harris portrait Michael Harris
Engineering Workforce Development Co-Director
Purdue University