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Dunn, J.B., Salas, S.D., Chen, Q. et al. Prioritize rapidly scalable methane reductions in efforts to mitigate climate change. Clean Techn Environ Policy (2023).


Abstract: Methane emission reductions are crucial for addressing climate change. It offers short-term benefits as it holds high short-term reductions in radiative forcing. Efforts towards the reduction of methane emissions are already underway. In this study, we compared and analyzed the mitigation benefits of cutting large amounts of methane emissions from the oil and gas sector on short-time scales with reducing an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide using carbon capture and storage (CCS). Characteristics of CCS are that it would require substantial infrastructure development and that it incorporates deployment delays. Results illustrate that prioritizing quickly deployable methane emission reduction alternatives that necessitate minimal construction is an efficient approach to achieve near-term climate change relief.


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