Fuel the future as a summer researcher with CISTAR.

Program Dates: May 20 - July 26, 2024

Apply Here  Applications are currently being accepted for openings at the University of New Mexico. 


Details about this competitive fellowship:

  • It is a paid, 10-week, immersive summer research guided by the faculty and graduate student mentors.
  • The stipend is $6,000.
  • In addition to research activities, students will participate in weekly professional development workshops and tours/information sessions with CISTAR 35 corporate partners
  • The program culminates with a student research symposium where all fellows present a technical poster or an oral talk and a final report.
  • Selected students participate in research activities on campus over 10 weeks in the summer, with housing and travel to campus provided.
  • Participants can apply for additional funding to attend a professional conference (for example, AIChE or ACS) during the 2024-2025 academic year.

Research projects:

  • Chemical process design using physics-informed machine learning
  • Development of new CISTAR catalysts for the production of fuels
  • Metal alloy nanoparticle catalysts for coke-resistant alkane dehydrogenation
  • Optimizing Power Systems Operation under High Penetration of Renewables
  • Synthesis of solid oxide electrocatalyst materials for decarbonized ethane dehydrogenation
  • Synthesis of tailored carbon supports for non-oxidative methane conversion
  • Synthesis of zeolite catalysts with tailored diffusion properties
  • Understanding the Future of Energy Use in a Regional Context

Kalea Evans, 2019 REM Alum  Dorinda Ntim 2020 REU Alum Process Improvement Engineer at Eastman Christian Villa Santos, 2018 REU Alum, Master's Degree in ChE from Notre Dame  Christian Borrero Villabol, 2019 REU Alum, PhD Student at Purdue University