Partner Universities

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Purdue university - lead university

Research activities at Purdue take place in various locations, such as Forney Hall, the home of School of Chemical Engineering; Brown Hall, housing the Department of Chemistry, and most recently in Flex Lab, the lab hall built by the College of Engineering in 2018 to foster interdisciplinary research. The lab space allocated to CISTAR in Flex Lab is 1,218 sf and consists of one large lab and four smaller rooms to accommodate specialized equipment.

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University of New Mexico

Many of the UNM CISTAR activities take place through the Center for Micro-Engineered Materials. CMEM is a university-wide collaboration bringing together world-class capabilities in micro and nanoscience and engineering.

REM Student in the research lab

Northwestern University

CISTAR research at Northwestern University is centered at the Technological Institute on campus. Northwestern’s Departments of Chemical and Biological Engineering and Chemistry are nationally recognized for leadership in research and education.

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University of Notre Dame

University of Notre Dame's research is carried out in state-of-the-art facilities. McCourtney Hall has 220,000 sf dedicated to experimental research in the molecular sciences and engineering, and Nieuwland Hall houses CoMSEL, a new computation and modeling center with a large emphasis on CISTAR-related research.

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The University of Texas at Austin

Much of the work done at The University of Texas at Austin is performed through the Center for Energy and Environmental Resources at the Pickle Research Campus.