Diversity & Culture of Inclusion

To be successful, everyone needs to encourage diversity and a culture of inclusion.

CISTAR is dedicated to creating a diverse, inclusive center where members from all backgrounds are ready to participate and lead in a global energy economy.  At CISTAR, everyone in the center is responsible for helping with our diversity and inclusion goals:

  • To broaden the participation of groups underrepresented in STEM fields in CISTAR and, ultimately, in energy fields;
  • To create an inclusive center that supports, values, respects, and rewards all its members to their fullest potential; and,
  • To prepare culturally intelligent, global engineers.

CISTAR members also follow up by helping us with recruitment and by being outstanding mentors to undergraduate and graduate students from diverse backgrounds.  In fact, our summer programs are largely successful because of the quality of our mentors and the care and attention they pay to help prepare the next generation of engineers.  Learn more about CISTAR's culture of inclusion: 

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Belonging and being valued are fundamental human needs. Inclusive leadership helps address these two crucial needs and enhances performance, collaboration, attendance, and reduces turnover. This life skill is helpful for everyone, yet it is imperative to create cultures, schools, teams, and organizations that drive equitable outcomes for historically marginalized and minoritized people. This talk examines a four-part, iterative, reflective, and reflexive framework for developing into an inclusive leader.

CISTAR First-Generation College Students

As part of the 3rd National First-generation College Celebration, we listed CISTAR faculty, staff, and graduate fellows who were first-generation college students.

CISTAR Graduate Fellows Interested in Attending 2022 SHPE Conference

CISTAR Graduate Fellows who are members of SHPE and interested in representing CISTAR/Purdue at this year's SHPE conference please get in touch with Dr. Driscoll (driscoll@purdue.edu).

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Pillar Leadership

Denise Driscoll portrait Denise Driscoll
Diversity and Culture of Inclusion Director
Purdue University
Elsa Castillo portrait Elsa Castillo
Diversity and Culture of Inclusion Co-Director
University of New Mexico

Scheduling cistar Meetings?

Check the CISTAR Culture of Inclusion calendar before scheduling to be mindful of all religious/cultural holidays and observances. 

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