Growing Intercultural Global Energy Leaders A Graduate Certificate Program

Program structure

  • ~13 hours over a seven-week period:
  • 5 hours of the program (five, one-hour sessions) are in-person, virtual meetings. The schedule of these sessions will be determined after students are selected and will be based on participants' availability. 
  • The remaining 8 hours of the program, students will work independently on their own schedule to complete learning modules on the asynchronous, web-based platform, Brightspace.  

The program will begin in late June and continue through mid-August. There is no charge to participate in this program. 

Participant Eligibility and Selection

Invited participants need to be graduate students who are part of the following centers or working on the C2C research grant:

  • the Center for Innovative and Strategic Transformation of Alkane Resources (CISTAR, USA);
  • the Center for Innovation on New Energies (CINE, Brazil);
  • the Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Innovation (RCGI, Brazil); and/or
  • the National Science Foundation Center-to-Center (C2C) Grant with the above Centers.

Given the goal of forging meaningful personal and professional connections, we will only be accepting between 16 - 20 graduate students, with representation from across the centers and the research grant.  

Applicants with a completed application will be accepted based upon:

1. Their reasons for applying

2. How aligned current or future research is with the overall goals of enhancing international collaboration between the U.S. and Brazil.   

International Learning Mentors/Instructors

Dr. Jones, Senior Intercultural Learning Specialist, Center for Intercultural Learning, Mentorship, Assessment, and Research (CILMAR) and Dr. Driscoll, Diversity and Inclusion Director, CISTAR, designed the certificate program and will be the Intercultural Learning Instructors.  Speakers will be invited from the three centers and C2C grant to the live virtual sessions.

Program Certificate Awarded

Participants who successfully complete the program will receive a Growing Intercultural Global Energy Leaders program certificate that will be signed and awarded by CILMAR and the participating Centers.  


CILMAR and CISTAR will collaborate to evaluate the certificate program using:

  • the Country Navigator program (engagement with various content; time spent);
  • the Intercultural Developmental Inventory (IDI); and,
  • a pre- and post- survey instrument.

For any questions or comments, please contact Dr. Driscoll at