Careers in Industry

Opportunity at Gas Technology Institute (GTI)

(11-18-21) The Gas Technology Institute (GTI) announced that they will be hiring to fill two new process engineering positions soon. GTI is seeking: (i) a recent graduate with catalytic gas conversion experience (PhD preferred), and (ii) a recent graduate with process modeling (Aspen) expertise. Full position descriptions will soon be posted on the GTI website. If you are interested in these positions, please email Ron Stanis at

Opportunity at Clariant R&D Center Louisville: R&D Chemist

(9-7-21) Clariant is seeking a Chemist for its R&D Center at Louisville Kentucky location. This position will focus on catalyst preparation and testing forresearch and development, customer support and production support of petrochemical catalysts.

Opportunity at Chevron: Research Engineer

(8-16-21) This research engineer position is in the Catalyst Technology Team within the Catalysis, Separations, and Reactor Science Department which is part of the Downstream Technology and Service of Chevron's Technology Center (CTC) and provides technology and services across the enterprise. This position is located at Chevron's Richmond Technology Center. Chevron is accepting online applications for the position through August 24, 2021, at 11:59 p.m.

Opportunity at Chevron: Researcher

(06-2021) Chevron is hiring a Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering or Chemistry or Material Science or related field to fill a researcher position in Resid R&D team in Applied Technology Department at Chevron Technical Center.

Opportunity at CompRex: Engineer

(06-01-21) CompRex is small business in R&D and manufacturing based in La Crosse, Wisconsin. We specialize in custom compact heat exchanger and heat exchanger reactor solutions. Many of our projects include new concepts that are government sponsored through grants.

Opportunity at The Heritage Group: Organic Research Chemist

(5-10-21) We are seeking an organic chemist to help develop solutions to the diverse problems that we take on through chemical synthesis and characterization. We need an ambitious and dedicated colleague who is excited to contribute to hands-on research. The candidate must have a comprehensive knowledge of organic synthesis as well as other analytical techniques (including FTIR, LCMS, and GCMS). The candidate must also have experience with hazardous waste disposal and treatment. Duties include but are not limited to conducting organic synthesis, reaction monitoring, and product analysis, bench chemistry, hazardous waste disposal, and other laboratory duties as designated by direct supervisor.