CISTAR Publications for 2023

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Prioritize rapidly scalable methane reductions in efforts to mitigate climate change

JB Dunn, SD Salas, Q Chen, DT Allen

Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, 1-5


Assessment of catalysts for oxidative coupling of methane and ethylene

J Ramos-Yataco, J Notestein

Catalysis Today 416, 113770


Revealing the surface atomic arrangement of noble metal alkane dehydrogenation catalysts by a stepwise reduction-oxidation approach

C Ye, M Peng, T Cui, X Tang, D Wang, M Jiao, JT Miller, Y Li

Nano Research 16 (4), 4499-4505


Inhibiting PAC1 receptor internalization and endosomal ERK pathway activation may ameliorate hyperalgesia in a chronic migraine rat model

L Zhang, Y Zhou, Y Wang, L Yang, Y Wang, Z Shan, J Liang, Z Xiao

Cephalalgia 43 (4), 03331024231163131


High-Temperature Conversion of Olefins to Liquid Hydrocarbons on γ-Al2O3

MA Conrad, JE DeLine, JT Miller

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 62 (12), 4840-4850


Characterization and analysis of ring topology of zeolite frameworks

JT Crum, JR Crum, C Taylor, WF Schneider

Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 351, 112466


Influence of Brønsted Acid-Site Density on Reaction-Diffusion Phenomena that Govern Propene Oligomerization Rate and Selectivity in MFI Zeolites

EE Bickel, S Lee, R Gounder

ACS Catalysis 13 (2), 1257-1269


Intermetallic alloy structure–activity descriptors derived from inelastic X-ray scattering

BC Bukowski, SC Purdy, EC Wegener, Z Wu, AJ Kropf, G Zhang, JT Miller, ...

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 25 (16), 11216-11226


Hierarchically microporous membranes for highly energy-efficient gas separations

S Luo, T Han, C Wang, Y Sun, H Zhang, R Guo, S Zhang

Industrial Chemistry & Materials


Heterogeneous Oligomerization and Dehydrogenation Catalysis for Shale Gas Valorization

G Magazova

University of Notre Dame


Controlled site coverage of strong metal–support interaction (SMSI) on Pd NP catalysts

CJ Breckner, K Zhu, M Wang, G Zhang, CW Li, JT Miller

Catalysis Science & Technology 13 (1), 157-169